Personal Statement : My Personal Perspective

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19 years. Years that have been full of experiences, some ordinary and others not so much. All of these experiences along with a number of other influences who have been a part of them has led me to who I am today. With the help of these influences I have been fortunate enough to discover my voice and why I have it. My influences, values, engagements, and opportunities have all contributed to my political identity. My outlook on my beliefs and political development continues to form with each new experience I encounter, and it is my hope that these will help me fully evolve. Without a doubt, it is the heavy amount of enduring influence that I have had throughout my life that has played a crucial role in my political identity. The biggest…show more content…
My brother a Johnnie graduated, who majored in Political Science, showed me what it means to have true love and commitment for politics. I was able to gain knowledge, opinions, and learn the value of hard work from him. –ADD Sentence From an early age my brother was always teaching me things, mainly it was finding the best way to get out of trouble with our parents and anything that dealt with politics. More often than not, being the oldest sibling meant he got or made sure he got what he wanted. So this meant whenever he was home we would be forced into watching the political news channels on television. He would always invite me to watch with him, generally so he could show his stance on the issues at hand. However, he then would expect me to take and explain my stance on the issues. Jordan loved to test and challenge me. It was Jordan’s persistence that helped strengthen my political identity. He taught me the significance of having an opinion. Often times, I found it was because of his strong-headed opinions that made me want to have one. I wanted to be able to challenge his views and did my best to weaken his arguments, even though they usually aligned with my beliefs. We have a good relationship where we are able to question each other’s opinions, and it does not cause too much of an uproar. This has also helped me to question other people’s beliefs as well. Although, I find myself hesitant at times to
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