Personal Statement : My Personal Philosophy Essay

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Introduction In life, we all are on a journey and have some goals. However, how we arrive and achieve goals varies from person to person. From a young age, most of us are taught right from wrong, but it is when we mature and start having more independence that our morals and ethics are put to the test. Everyone has an ethical boundary which will never change regardless of a financial, professional, or career situation. Personally, my personal credo is unique to me because of various situations and events I have gone through in my own journey. Every minute of life defines who you are and who you will be. Because of various events and how I was raised, I have unique characteristics and qualities that I hold onto regardless of where life takes me. For one, I am anxious. Personally, being anxious is not always a bad thing. To me, it means always being on my toes and making sure I am prepared for any situation, maybe even being overly prepared. I am anxious to things as little as receiving my work schedule, to bigger situations like interviews. Another characteristic that I seem to carry with me is caring. Most of the time, people usually associate the word “caring” to be positive, but that is not always the case. One of the upsides in caring is that I am always putting my best foot forward and trying to give off a good impression of myself. However, a downside to that is that I care about people’s opinions about me too much regardless of the persons character themselves.
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