Personal Statement : My Personal Wellness

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I have always struggled with loving myself, because I am too concerned about seeking love from others. I believe this controversy is created by myself attempting to become suitable for society 's standards. Changing hairstyles, buying expensive clothes and accessories, and keeping up to date with the newest technology is only a few of the many deeds I have performed in order to gain societal adoration. I am constantly going out of my way to ensure that my peers will accept and love me. Therefore, I am often too over-run searching for love rather than simply granting it to myself. I desire to love me for me and not for what I have been attempting to be. I believe that my current actions towards my personal wellness will positively assist in the love and appreciation I need to provide for myself. In addition, I understand that I must stop worshiping the world and its requirements and start focusing more on me. I am someone who has concentrated on searching for the love and acceptance of others, but is realizing that I, too, need to love and accept myself. Creating and maintaining positive relationships have never been a strength of mine. Throughout my adolescent years, I formed an extremely unhealthy relationship with my parents. My attitude towards them were unpleasant and troubling. I had learned to isolate myself from them completely. I stopped telling them about school events, because I was too embarrassed of their presence. I halted all areas of our communication,
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