Personal Statement : My Personality Type Based On Carl Jung And Isabel Briggs Myers Typological Approach

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Leadership Stacey L. Baker Concorde Career College Leadership Looking at my inner self is never easy. What do I know to be true of myself? What is my leadership type and tendencies? What is my work values? How do I deal with conflict in the work place? What my decision-making process? How do I communicate (communication skills)? What do I believe to be my delegation skills? These are some of the things I will be accessing in myself. Next, we will be looking at my personality type based on the Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers typological approach. Is my self-assessment similar to the MBTI? Is it different from what I believe to be true? We will also compare and contrast the MBTI results with my own self-awareness. What do I believe to…show more content…
I weigh all the facts and information before I can make a decision. I sometimes over analyze the situation at hand, afraid of making the wrong decision. I tend to second guess my decisions. Sometimes others feelings need to be factored in to the decision. When this happens to me I usually put my decision to the side and allow for another’s decision to overcloud my own. What is my communication style? I can usually communicate fairly well in writing/written work. I find it pretty simple to convey my ideas. In communicating my feelings, I tend to bottle them up and keep them to myself until I get home. At which time, I have no problem expressing them or communicating to someone I trust. I believe my verbal communication to be proficient most of my time and I can convey the needed ideas or message. How do you deal with conflict in work? I usually take the problem head on. If I have conflict with someone I usually take them to the side and tell them. I try to explain to them why I have the problem or listen to why they have the problem. I try to discuss ways we can solve it or come to an agreement. If that doesn’t work, I follow the chain of command at work until it is solved, only going up the ladder if the previous figure refuses to deal with it or find a solution that is appropriate. What is my Delegation skills? I often have problems with delegating a task. I feel as if it is my project or assignment I should complete it myself. I am often wary that if I delegate
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