Personal Statement : My Sales Visit

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During my sales visit, I met with Garret Johns, who is a Salesman and an Integrated Solutions Consultant for PK Equipment in Enid, Oklahoma. As soon as I arrived, we went straight to work. I stepped out of the truck and he asks me to follow him to the storage yard across the street, I met his coworkers who were trying to hook up a Parker Seed Chariot. The trailer hitch didn’t want to go on the ball and get hooked up in the right way. I knew this task was right up my alley, as at the Grace Livestock trailers haven’t functioned properly in decades. I hadn’t yet made my first impression so I decided to offer my help and got the trailer hooked up for that salesperson to go on the way to make his sale. At that point, they had made their…show more content…
It isn’t so professional that you are scared to mess up but there is a sense of professionalism in the fact that when they are explaining how things work, they demand respect because they are so knowledgeable on what they are selling. They know so much about the different kinds of equipment, not just John Deere, but also Massy, Case and all of their other competitors. The customer who’s we were waiting on was John. John was a young farmer who has been in business for about 7 years with his father. Although he was in business with his father, he was the one that had the check book that day and as I was informed, they had made a lot of money through the drought because he had enough ponds and water wells that he didn’t have to sell off any of his cows. Then when the market rose again, their bank accounts rose just as well. As we sat down to eat lunch, my salesman and his coworker were already deep in the sales process. They asked him how his wife was as they talked about theirs all the same and they asked about his dad, They were continuing the relationship that they already had build for what seemed like years. If a stranger walked by the table, they would have thought that these three guys were friend since the third grade. After they calmed down the chitchat, they went straight into business, it seemed that these three eat about once a month. So they jumped right into business talking about how his new gator was, if he enjoyed it or had any
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