Personal Statement : My Self Assessment

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Task 1 My self-assessment Personality traits I am one of the Analysts; a rational and impartial individual who enjoys intellectual pursuits and prizes and independence. I am also known for my strategic thinking skills Business skills One of the many business traits i have identified myself to posess, is a grasp of financial awareness. I am able to attain within a given budget and i also make money go further than most . Also i am not the one to only look for the cheapest product as other products are value for money compared to the cheaper products. I am also able to negotiate a great bargain. Another of the many business traits i have identified myself to posess is an exellant abillity to negotiate as i am able to bring down prices aand negotiate near impossible deals. Another of the many business qualities i have identified myself to posess is to be incredibly organised as i am able to meet tight deadlines and schedules and plan and prioritise critical tasks in logical order. Competencies The ability to do something successfully or efficiently is the definition of competencies. I have decided to highlight successfully or efficiently as i think i am able to do and complete tasks successfully and efficiently not eithier or. Attitudes A settled way of thinking or feeling about something is the definition of attitudes but for me i would say the way you think or feel about something should not remain the same as life goes on.Especially in business as ways of thinking
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