Personal Statement : My Self Assessment

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When looking through my self-assessment which analyzed my strengths, abilities, skills and areas of improvement it made me wonder if all leaders have similar strengths and areas of improvement. For the project I thought I would look at someone who I considered a polar opposite to myself and begin to explore this notion of similarities and dissimilarities. The leader I chose was the infamous Jack Welch. This paper will explore my-self assessment, how that compares and contrasts with Jack. This paper will also take a closer look at Jack 's skills and abilities and just how they affected his roles and functions throughout his career. I. Self-Assessment A. With your focus on leadership, analyze the results of your professional self-assessment. When looking at the results of my professional self-assessment there were things that surprised me and things that did not. Let’s take a look at each piece of the assessment. Strengths The strengths listed from my self-assessment were responsibility, analytical, achiever, intellection, and input. I feel that these strengths are fairly accurate when we are talking about my leadership abilities. I am a very responsible leader and in this sense of responsibility has been a gateway to the other strengths that I posses. The other listed strengths I agree strongly with is achiever and input. I do see myself as someone who is always striving to achieve more. Because I am an "achiever" this goes along with the input side of strengths. A
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