Personal Statement : My Son Mason And I

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My son mason and I are very similar in a lot of ways. The way that everybody can see and arguably the only one people really know about is our looks are almost mirror image. And that’s really the only one that gets commented on. But the most important ones are the ones that other people don’t see. The challenges I watch him go through that I know I can help him understand and handle in better ways then I could do for myself in the same situations. The area I can help him with the most is that we both have delinquent parents. And it fills me with sadness to watch my son go through the same thing I went through at the same age. Every devastating phone call. Phone calls which begin joyful and exciting but somewhere amongst all the excuses and lies coming from the other side of the phone. The atmosphere of the conversation changes to a feeling of disappointment and depression. Every let down and missed weekend leads him further into the downward spiral of misbehavior and rebellion. His sense of rebellion extends even towards me. The person who is actually here for him to care and nurture him. Even though I can relate to him in more ways than he even realizes. He is young though, and doesn’t understand how his mother could hurt him the way that she does. So he looks elsewhere to point his blame and that blame falls on me. And it eats me alive inside that he feels it’s my fault that this is happening to him. But I remember a time in my life I felt the same
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