Personal Statement : My Spiritual Growth

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In a season rich with new experiences, it is an interesting time to assess my spiritual growth. This has been an unsettling time of redefining and restructuring my life and a season of isolation from the ways of ministry that bring me joy. Letting go of all expectation, labels, definitions and outcomes has not come easily for me. However, pealing it all off has been very freeing and revealing.
Having a long-established practice of seeking connection and revelation through the indwelling Spirit has served me well in my life. I know what life is like without Him, so I am passionate about my relationship with Him coming before all else. However, there have been times when I haven’t walked in my commitment to that practice. Through new …show more content…

Authentic Self
This semester I am enrolled in a class dealing with victims of trauma. This has been a powerful class for me, since that is the area where I feel lead to minister to others. At the same time, it has been unsettling in some other areas because it has brought me to a place of revisiting old experiences and their “clinically defined” consequences. This has strengthened and brought me new-found confidence in who I am. I don’t identify myself by my past, but by looking back from this place in my life, I can see how God has shaped me through everything in my life. The entire process brought me closer to God and gave me a deep faith that He is with us and that He will heal and restore. I am so very grateful for who I am, and for the amazing life I have. Reading all the case studies from that class reminded me of what it might have been without Him. The faith I have in Him is not for me alone. Part of who I am includes having faith in his desire to see all His children saved and set free. As I revisited, I was amazed anew in the healing power of God and was filled with renewed “fire” to bring that message of hope to others. While I don’t know exactly how I will minister at the end of this journey, I know that He has equipped and empowered me specifically for this area.
Emotional Intelligence
Feelings are an integral part of our relationship with ourselves, our God, and

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