Personal Statement: Not Such a Massive Fuzz of Nothingness Essay

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If I were to be asked some time ago, to state how I wanted my life to progress out, I would most probably be tongue-tied. Secondary school, from ages 11-13, appeared, to me, as a massive fuzz of nothingness. In hindsight I didn’t think much into my school life. However, during ages 14-16; my ‘GCSE’ years, things have changed. I now know, with conviction, that a career in Biotechnology is what I am aiming for.

Selecting the A level courses - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology were almost immediate choices for me, although, the open evening did allow me to further cohere my decisions greater. Considering Biology and Chemistry are required for the career I want, it’s only certain I choose and, ultimately excel in them. Selecting
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For example, I have further developed my concentration skill; many hours of practise and focus are required to get settled into the piece I am playing. Patience and perseverance is a vital ability bought to me to keep up the process of learning, this has been an important skill that I am gaining and can apply into studying and understanding my A-level courses.

Every Sunday and Tuesday at my local service, I play on the piano and control the IT equipment there. My role of responsibility involves setting up the wires and IT equipment, while also preparing the projection and laptop. In the midst of the service I play piano twice, and after each service I participate in packing up the various equipment such as, chairs and in general, tiding up. I am able to apply abilities learnt from this into my two years at Sixth Form. In such that, whatever community service or events the school will hold, I am determined to help out in whatever way I can, whilst putting the utmost effort into the role I am given, consistently. I do not lose interest easily and am open to any type of hobby or pastime that is bought to me. The opportunity is mine after all, to take, and to benefit myself and those around me.

Every effort I make in the process of my education years are for an important purpose. To make sure I get the highest possible success that I feel capable of doing and
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