Personal Statement : Nursing And Midwifery Council

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INTRO Throughout personal professional development reflection is essential, allowing health care professionals to self-develop by revisiting events and analysing areas in which improvements and learning would ensure a positive impact on their future practice. The Nursing and Midwifery Council, (NMC, 2010) notes that all health care practitioners must be self-aware in their own values and principles which could affect their practice. Ensuring they maintain personal and professional development while learning through supervision, feedback and reflection. In correspondence with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Code of conduct (2012) I will reflect upon an episode of communication in which I feel I had an impact upon within a women’s postpartum care. I will reflect in the style of Gibbs (1988) as I feel it was more analytical for my specific communication episode as it considered feelings compared to the reflective cycle of Schὂn (1983) reflection in practice and reflection on practice. Throughout I will maintain all individuals who were involved confidentiality in accordance with Nursing And Midwifery Council; the code of conduct (NMC,2010) states that all practitioners must respect people’s right to confidentiality DESCRIPTION I attended a postnatal visit alongside a community midwife in order to remove sutures from a women who had an emergency caesarean section. The women had experienced anxiety throughout pregnancy therefore I had to adjust the levels of communication
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