Personal Statement : Nursing Practice And Education

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Personal Refection: Nursing Practice & Education Looking back to the start of the first course in this Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, attempting to re-enter the world of formalized education as a nurse after 15 years was overwhelming to say the least. I have since found that I have the skills in order to write professional nursing papers as well as the dedication involved in improving my nursing practice by applying what I am learning to my job. The concepts I learned in the BSN program helped me to develop a greater level of critical thinking, collaboration, and promoting myself as the kind of nurse that I want to be. As our cohort ends this nearly two year journey together, taking some time to look back and …show more content…
It is always helpful to see the real world view of such a varied group of nurses that existed within our cohort. I am certain this was intentional; the learning strategies organized by Olivet instructors and developers did a great job and facilitating the concepts and critical thinking needed to adapt what is being represent to the various health care settings. This after all is the goal; what we are learning in the classroom should translate to our workplace (Oldenburg & Hung, 2010). I have enjoyed the research portion and leadership training of the BSN completion program. Not only in the individual research and leadership courses, but also as a part of writing papers and overall exploring new nursing topics. I have always enjoyed writing, but have now taken it to a much greater level with more professionalism and research evidence-based type of writing. I strive to be the best nurse possible and think of myself as a professional, I did know that something was missing, however. Rhodes, Schutt, Langham, & Bilotta (2012) point out that one way to look at professionalism utilized by adult learner is the education environment itself, surrounded by concepts of participation in professional organizations, the ANA code of ethics, self-regulation and study, as well as utilizing research and evidenced based practice. Now that I have completed the BSN portion of my education, it feels as though these concepts and
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