Personal Statement: Nurturing A Passion

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Nurturing a Passion
My life has been filled with setbacks; however, each obstacle has been met with the tenacity and guidance to overcome each and every barrier. Before I was able to create a strong framework to work through these challenges, you and my family gave me the opportunity to grow and explore. As you may remember, during my early teen years there was high conflict with my stepfather in the house. This was also compounded by strains of the relationship I lacked with my biological father and pressures of maintaining a high academic performance in school. Those who interact with me on a daily basis may not have easily gathered any of this information, but this aspect highlights the importance of a strong doctor patient relationship.
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Including the impromptu therapy sessions, my visits have always been something that I looked forward to because you had become a family friend. Not only did my mother respect your opinion, you started mentoring me long before the shadowing experiences. You encouraged my academic success, musical ventures, and presented me with summer opportunities. The opportunity to mentor youth during the visits is one that I avidly look forward to. Luckily, students are required to have annual physicals and I see this as a way to empower the urban community. This is more than healing the body; this is healing and inspiring a human…show more content…
Encouraging extracurricular activities such as music and community involvement is important for developmental growth. In addition, respect must be given to everyone. I recall how you would easily talk to the cleaning staff after a long shift. All of this counts when you are creating a nurturing environment for everyone involved. Currently, I am working on the Family Van’s mobile clinic and I see how important respect is to any relationship. In the clinic, basic screenings are provided free of charge, but the patients are not required to come to the van. Based on how you treat them, they may never come back and I keep this in mind every time I work. What if this person were really my family member? This is how I imagine you think of every patient you interact with because through your career you have been building families. As I pursue my career in medicine, I was blessed to have someone who believed in me and inspired me to believe in
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