Personal Statement : Nutrition And Nutrition

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Many Americans today do not track their calories or pay attention to what they are eating. As they fail to do so, they also fail to analyze what nutrients, food groups, and physically activity they receive adequately and which they lack. As I have tracked foods and beverages that I have consumed, I have been able to collect data about which food groups/nutrients I consume adequately, where the majority of my calories come from, and how my physical activity compares to that recommended. As I analyze and compare my consumption to those recommended, my diet is not as healthy as it could be. I enjoy to snack, unhealthily, and eat foods that are convenient for my lifestyle rather than my health. I only received 57% of my calcium recommendations, 27% of potassium, 77% of copper, 67% of iron, 49% of magnesium, 75% of phosphorus, 78% of zinc, 49% of vitamin A, 92% of vitamin B6, 20% of vitamin C, 13% of vitamin D, 20% of vitamin E, 32% of vitamin K, 92% of folate, and 44% of choline; so in those areas, I lacked to meet adequate needs. Selenium, sodium, vitamin B12, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin, I consumed sufficient amounts or more than what I needed. Since I have lacked to meet adequate amounts, I am at risk for certain deficiencies. Deficiency symptoms for vitamin A are fairly common and results in night blindness, eye disease, dry pimply skin, increased infections, and kidney stones. Deficiency symptoms for vitamin D include soft bones, soft teeth, and rickets, although it
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