Personal Statement : Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapy is the ability to provide help to others fairly and respectfully by doing everyday activities that can actually benefit the patients by improving the quality of his or her life. By doing so, this patient will be able to return to their loved ones and their daily activities. As a future occupational therapy, I will try my best to help these patients reach their goals of becoming dependent again. The passion that I have to help those that are in needs of treatments. There are several reasons that I choose to become an occupational therapist, among those reasons are the desire I have to help those that are in need of medical treatments. To continue, I wanted a career that would not take too long to complete and not have a long waiting list.
To begin, not onIy I wanted a career that would not take too long to complete but also, one where I would not have to take too long to get accepted. Becoming an occupational therapist was never a preference to me. When I was in high school my vision was focus on becoming a nurse or a physician assistant. After high school, reality strikes; however one can no longer dream of becoming the superstar, the NFL player; or being famous. As adult; or once in college, we tend to search for a long term career that will help us becoming successful in the future. Unfortunately, during my first semester in college, I concluded it would take forever to become a nurse; moreover, in order to pursue my determination of becoming a
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