Personal Statement : Occupational Therapy

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My fascination with technology sparked my interest in the health care field and ultimately in occupational therapy. As a computer technician I felt how gratifying it was to help people adapt to their environment to accomplish their daily tasks. Seeing injury and exhaustion set in on my coworkers as they sat in their grey cubicles for hours, moved me to craft ergonomic workspaces, such as replacing their seats with yoga balls to improve their posture and spinal alignment, while providing others with ergonomic keyboards and mice that alleviated the numbing pain caused by their carpal tunnel syndrome. The support that I provided left the people around me healthy and happier, and gave me a sense of accomplishment that was unique and fulfilling. Occupational therapy provides me this rewarding feeling daily, as I help my patients rebuild the skills necessary to participate in the activities they love and depend on.
Seeking to learn more about the ways a person can recover led me to volunteer at a rehabilitation unit within a nursing home. I enjoyed watching the occupational therapists care for their patients in a specific, yet holistic way. Speaking frequently with a patient about hockey, despite the communication difficulty caused by his stroke, prompted his therapist to hand us hockey sticks; together we passed a bean bag back and forth prudently, engaging the side of his body affected by his stroke. His therapist took his interest and assimilated it into his therapy; this
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