Personal Statement Of A Social Worker

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Personal Statement Student’s Name Institution Affiliation A) General Introduction As a woman diagnosed with social anxiety,I was entrusted to be under the care of a social worker so as to help me manage my disorder. Personally, I have gone through so many experiences which collectively made me develop a deeper insight into the roles of social workers as compared to other health caregivers. Besides that, I have seen a lot of transformative supports to people who have various social problems provided through the selfless care of the social workers. Subsequently, this further fueled my ambition to study and support the most disadvantaged and vulnerable persons in the society. I firmly believe that my motivation towards helping…show more content…
During this period I was able to work with individuals who have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, challenging behaviors and Alzheimer’s. With this, I developed a great insight into the roles of the social worker while attending to the multi-disciplinary reviews of care, helping the service users in determining their present wishes and needs so that they can have their desired outcomes and also promoting individuality, empowerments, responsibilities, rights, self-esteem and self-identity. Professionally I was tasked with putting the care plans for various individuals into action by helping the people cultivate life skills such as investing money and budgeting skills, assisting them in the development of high levels of independence while aiming at improving their social and communication skills. In one way or another, helping these people led me to develop a great passion for working as a social worker. On a daily basis, I provided steady and continuous emotional support so that the individuals can lead a less stressful life. Besides that, I learned how to communicate well with clients on various sensitive issues that affected them emotionally in the most appropriate and understanding manner. Thus, this job significantly improved my patience, communication skills and my imitative in approaching people I meet in my everyday life. I became more aware of my personal beliefs
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