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b. In a Statement, dated 8 June 2011, Mr. HEL, former commanding officer of C Company, stated he fully supports 1LT JRB 's letter, dated 8 April 2011, seeking military awards for the remaining 13 Soldiers (including himself) of his original 35 man platoon who were left under his command after
8 months of combat service in Vietnam. As the commanding officer of C Company, during 1967, 1LT JRB served under his command as platoon leader. Their unit fought in some of the worst terrain imaginable and they were involved in some of the heaviest fighting that ever occurred in the Mekong Delta. Their mission primarily consisted of searching rice paddies, swamps and jungles south of Saigon with the express purpose of eliminating the Viet Cong and allowing the Delta 's agriculture commerce to thrive once again. By all accounts, that mission was ultimately accomplished. A great deal of 1967 was served with the U.S. Navy living aboard their barracks ships and going on patrols from their landing craft when they barracked at Dong Tam deep in the Mekong Delta and dozens of their patrols were launched via Huey Helicopters. 1LT JRB also mentioned that the officers were readily awarded medals and that the enlisted men 's accomplishments weren 't always recognized. By the time of 1LT JRB 's departure in September 1967, the company had experienced numerous casualties and much attention was focused on reorganizing the unit with new Soldiers and officers. Therefore it 's absolutely

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