Personal Statement Of Personal Ministry Experience

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As I consider the question for then personal ministry experience paper I realize that my personal life experience has shaped my life and calling tremendously. In fact I have stated many times that I wished I would have kept a daily journal of all the things the Lord has done in my life since I became a believer. But, as you will see as you read this paper, after becoming a Christian, and having now been saved for almost 13 years, I can look back and see the sovereign hand of the Almighty working throughout my life. I did not come to know Christ until December of 2003 at the age of 25 at First Baptist Church of Gordonsville Tennessee. As a young boy, I had a desire to know GOD, and had even made a profession of faith, but never had anyone…show more content…
My thinking was this: we could go to boot camp and if we did not like the Corps then, in the reserves, we would only have to serve one weekend a month. I wanted to hang on to those old things and people in my life. But GOD had a better plan for me. When I introduced my idea to Scott, he said, “no”, “if we are going to do it, let’s do it”, and my exact response was, “then let’s do it”. And so we did. We signed the dotted line making a commitment for 4 years of active duty service in the infantry of the USMC. We left our home town in November of 1997. Little did I know, even in my lost state, the Sovereign hand of GOD was working in my life. The Lord knew that I not only needed to get out of my home town, and away from my old friends, He knew I also needed to get away from Scott, and in just a matter of days I would be separated from him as well. Within a week or so Scott would suffer a leg injury and eventually be separated from the Marine Corps. While at boot camp in Paris Island South Carolina I once again started to desire GOD in my life. I began to read my Bible and pray. At that time I also began to think about what I would want in a wife. As I did, I realized that a young lady that I had been dating prior to joining the Marine Corps was the woman I wanted to call my wife. When boot camp graduation day finally came I immediately went home and asked that girl to marry me, she said YES! We set a date, and then just a few days later I left and went off to the School of
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