Personal Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Research Assistant

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There have been many experiences that have helped me develop the skills necessary for training in research while also cultivating my interest in it. As a future physician, I want to participate in healing patients as well as improving medical care through research, where I can help build upon our current medical knowledge. Although there are many experiences that have contributed to my desire to train in research, the three most significant are my work as a research assistant, my work as a TA and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader, and my interactions with medical researchers.

As a sophomore, I was a research assistant for Dr. Nelson-Taylor’s Family Research Lab, helping her with a new project. The premise was to employ psychophysiological techniques to analyze the impact of parental socialization on the emotion of children under anxiety-inducing situations. We created surveys that let us group
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As an applicant, I interacted with medical students and faculty who have been involved in research. Learning how their work has benefited medical care through research on topics from public health to cardiovascular drug delivery has taught me that the future of medicine not only lies in improving the patient-doctor interaction, but also in the investment of physicians and scientists into medical research. Astounded by their discoveries, I figured that I would like to improve health by involving myself in both patient care and research. My conversations with medical researchers helped me realize how important research is in the field I am trying to pursue and, through the Green Fellowship Program, I want to engage myself in biological research to form a basis for a future career as a physician and as a
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