Personal Statement Of Purpose For A Student 's Office Room

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Statement of Purpose It was September 2011. I was waiting outside our department’s office room to collect the result of my first UG term final. When I received my grade sheet, I was shocked to see a very poor GPA and found out that my position in the class was 29th out of 32. It tore me apart and I was engulfed by rumors of the impact of a bad result in the future career. On the next day, I shared my unexpected result and depression with one of my favorite teachers, but she congratulated me. I was flummoxed. Then she explained herself by mentioning a quote from Thomas A. Edison’s life event to invent the electric light bulb-“I have not failed. I 've just found 10,000 ways that won 't work”. This message inspired me greatly and I promised myself that I will not give up. In the next term, I left no stone unturned to do better in the exam and the result of the second term did not disappoint me. My GPA rose from 3.39 to 3.91 and I stood first in my class of that term. Finally, I ended my UG life being 2nd among all. What I learned from my first term result of UG studies, was more important than only a good result. It was the confidence and belief that “I can”. In my childhood, my father was an employee at “Iram Motors Ltd.”, a distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Bangladesh. I fell in love with various models of cars by going through the attractive magazines of this automobile company brought home by my father. Later in 2002, the company was shut down and my father lost his job. I

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