Personal Statement Of Purpose For Civil Engineering

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As a high school student I was bright, ambitious and one of the most enthusiastic students in my school. After being diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma, a benign brain tumor at the age of 18, I had to opt out of my school. I underwent an 8 hour long invasive surgery followed by 3 months of radiation therapy and rigorous physiotherapy sessions. During the treatment, I met with many people who had met similar fate but wanted to lead a normal life just like me. After a year with the god’s grace, ingenious doctors, family support and my new found will, I was diagnosed completely free of the tumor. I told myself that miracles do happen and promised myself that I will make this count. After facing difficulties with my right hand, I began writing with my left hand and passed 12th grade with distinction. I enrolled for undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. I learnt basic principles of engineering along with practical knowledge in my field. As a part of my curriculum, I prepared, researched, designed projects along with delivering presentations on emerging civil engineering topics such as Trenchless Technology and Light Transmitting Concrete. I wanted to get field experience and so I worked as Junior Project Engineer for 2 years in India. During my stint working as an engineer I realized the importance planning and managing construction projects. In order to explore and continue learning, I applied to peruse higher education in
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