Personal Statement Of Purpose For Healthcare

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Statement of Purpose My interest in healthcare began in my senior year in high school. Before this revelation, I had vision problems and was prescribed corrected lenses. I continued to have visual difficulties and sought assistants from various professionals. I later learned my deteriorated vision was due to Karatoconus (KC) – a disorder of the cornea that results in visual distortion. My ophthalmologist advised me that my condition would worsen until I eventually become blind. Because of the late stage of diagnosis, the only option available was a cornea transplant, which at the time cost US $12,000 for one eye. This was a high cost for a single parent family with two children in rural Jamaica that had an annual income of about US $4,000…show more content…
To gain knowledge of the healthcare industry, I assumed a role as a customer service representative for United Healthcare prior to attending college. And, this experience affirmed my decision for a career in healthcare. However, it was my extra-curricular activities that led me to health administration. I assumed executive roles in several clubs and organizations which honed my leadership skills. My passion for healthcare combined with my leadership experiences enlightened me about the prospects of healthcare management. I realized I could make a greater impact in healthcare through management given my strengths in both. Additionally, as a healthcare administrator I can create policies and procedures to help people on a larger scale. Thus, by the end of my junior year, I transitioned to healthcare management. For this purpose, I sought a health administration program based on its maturity, the student to teacher ratio, experiential learning, location, and the opportunity to do service. I became elated when I learned the Master’s in Health Service Administration (MHSA) program at Xavier University exceeded the criteria. The value system of Xavier University aligns perfectly with that of Thomas More College, which has become a large part of my identity; they both challenge students to find their
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