Personal Statement Of Purpose For Mechanical Engineering

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I always wanted to get into the greatest of all Sciences, i.e. engineering. The good thing about Mechanical Engineering is that all my interests find application. Considered the most versatile field in engineering, Mechanical Engineering covers range of subjects like design, software, production analysis, manufacturing to name a few. This field demands high creativity, innovative thinking, very good hold on Math and most important to think radically. This triggers the pulses and is the very reason for choosing this as my field of study. My experiences as a student of …. the training, the projects, the tough targets etc. has brought me very close to realities of life and made me realize that starting from simple household gadgets to complicated medical equipment and supersonic jets to super-fast computers all are the gifts of Mechanical engineering and technology and I am indeed one of the privileged few…show more content…
A graduate degree provides me with this opportunity where I can continue to work in the dimension I want, research fields that are close to my heart, fulfill my zest by spending long drawn hours doing what I’m certain I will enjoy and look back with content at the (hopefully) substantial contribution I’ve made in the field of my choice.
A graduate school will help me understand processes and industrial equipment better. It will provide me a wider definition for the word engineering than what it is today. It will allow me to apply practically all the concepts that I learn which will prepare me better for working in the industry or for research. I feel pursuing my Master’s at …………. will further enhance my abilities and hone my skills. A blend of academic inclination and a host of values gained from my varied experiences will make my association with ………..a mutually beneficial
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