Personal Statement Of Purpose In Biology

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Looking back to those days when I was passionate about Biology, I am fascinate most about the human diseases and the relative preventive methods and treatments available. The most prestigious gift that we human beings have been bestowed with is to save and change lives. Thus, I aimed to explore the world of human biology and strive to reveal the unknown about our species and how I would be able to use my knowledge and understanding to help others in need. When I was studying sixth form, I remember fondly my science classes and recall my enthusiasm to participate and absorb the knowledge being taught by my teachers. These classes exposed me to a lot of different and amazing topics, Infectious Diseases being one of them which held my attention and curiosity. This topic intrigued me due to the cause and symptoms, transmission of the disease, prevention and treatment of various transmissible diseases. In fact, studying Biology at sixth form has answered a few of my queries about the human body, but it has improved my analytical skills. Moreover, chemistry I learned has improved my logical skills as I have learned inorganic and organic chemistry, including the chemical reactions…show more content…
I learned about Barbara McClintok, whose revolved around the study of maize and changed the world of genetics. Her stories greatly influenced and taught me to be self-motivated and disciplined. She is the first woman to win an unshared Nobel Prize. McClintok work does not recognize by people, but she never gives up, although she worked alone with no lab assistants and took decades for the world to recognize her work. Her hard work inspired and motivated me as a woman to contribute myself as a scientist and to persevere even when confronted with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. From her, I learned that if I tried hard, I could succeed; if I didn’t try at all, I must be in total
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