Personal Statement Of Purpose : Kevin Huynh : Data Science

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Statement of Purpose – Kevin Huynh – Data Science Data exists everywhere around us. From your heart beats per minute, the current room temperature, or the number of tweets being posted about Miley Cyrus, nearly everything can be considered a data point. It is now being collected at an alarming rate and there are now opportunities to use that data in ways that were previously unimaginable. As technology advances data will only continue to grow, regardless of field of study, occupation or geography. As a user and firm believer of Data Science, I am excited by the possibilities of using that data and the trajectory of the field as a whole. After discovering the power of data I have developed a passion and appreciation for it, and realize that there is a lot left for me learn. Pursuing a graduate degree in Data Science is the stepping stone I need to take my career to the next level and compete with the best in the exciting, rapidly evolving and growing field. Being able to look at my screen at seemingly arbitrary numbers and be able to extract knowledge and valuable insights has become a passion of mine. I have not only incorporated data into my occupation but has is now become more of a lifestyle. Long before I realized it, data has always been driving my decisions, whether it is in a business setting, selecting a restaurant or just purchasing items. I have always been one to analyze multiple sources and collect all the facts and information before coming to the best

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