Personal Statement Of Purpose To Become A Physical Therapist

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Coming into college I was sure of one decision: I would choose a profession that not only interests me, but allows me to improve the lives of others. After two years of being hesitant with my choice of major in elementary teaching, I discovered physical therapy. So I’ve recently switched my major to exercise science. I’m confident that my choice is heading me into a profession that suits me well. The capabilities of the human body have interested me since high school. Human anatomy is beautiful, fascinating, and its complexity is nearly unbelievable. Depending on the injury and if proper care is given, the human body is able to naturally heal itself. Physical therapy’s holistic approach for healing the body is what appealed to me. My desire is…show more content…
There are many aspects that are important to being a physical therapist. This profession requires a great attention to detail to accurately diagnose patients. Good physical health is also necessary in order to move patients properly and safely. Since physical therapists work closely with people, interpersonal skills must be strong as well. Also, there must be a masterful understanding of the fundamental tools. These tools include: medical softwares, physical therapy tables, muscle testing equipment, balancing beams, and reflex hammers. In order for me to attain all these skills and legally become a physical therapist, I must earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. The first step towards earning my doctorate is graduating with a B.S. in exercise science while maintaining at least a 3.2 GPA. During the process of earning my B.S. I should begin volunteering. I plan to begin looking for volunteering opportunities within this upcoming year. This involves training under the supervision of professionals. Furthermore I will need to volunteer in rehabilitative, inpatient, and outpatient settings to get into a doctoral program. Once I am in a DPT program, I will also want to receive clinical
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