Personal Statement Of Purpose To Become An Army Officer

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I want to become an Army officer because I long for a career that will provide continual professional development opportunities while pushing me to reach my full potential as a leader, and will also position me to make a positive impact globally. I believe that by becoming an Army officer I can accomplish this because I have seen the success of those that have gone before me. I come from a family of people who have served in our nation’s military, and their lives are a testimony to the renowned individuals that the Army produces.
First, I want to become an Army officer because I know that the professional development possibilities are extensive, and that there will always be new career goals set before me that will push me to reach my full
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While I was in college I had a life transforming encounter with Jesus. This encounter caused me to become more globally minded. Therefore, after graduating college I decided to give a few years of my life to missionary work so that I could positively impact and enhance the communities around me both foreign and domestic. It has been both challenging and rewarding. Just like in athletics, I have learned valuable lessons from ministry as well. During this time as a minister, I have truly learned the value that is found in leading, empowering, developing, and mentoring others. I not only want to reach the fullness of my God-given potential, but I want everyone that is placed around me to be enhanced, inspired, and equipped to reach their potential as well. As a missionary, I know how to call greatness out of those that follow me; those skills will carry over into the Army to benefit and greatly enhance all of the soldiers that are under my leadership. I want to begin a lifelong career of leading in the Army because of the vastness of its reach, the values that it encompasses, and because of the global impact that it continually
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