Personal Statement Of Purpose To Go Into Pre-Medicine

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I am trying to go into pre-medicine, but the universities I am looking at do not have this major. I am probably going to major in human science or biology. I believe I have chosen this major because I want to become a nurse or a research scientist. I want to go into these careers because I get the chance to help people. Which career I go into depends on, if I want to help society as a whole or help individuals. I consider integrity to be one of my top academic strengths. If there is or I set myself a deadline, I will finish it by then. I will do my absolute best to finish whatever task I have at hand. I will gauge the situation and see how much time is needed to complete the task. I can plan my time accordingly and I think this is one of the best academic strengths that I have. This skill alone could make me successful in my classes. I was involved with a local soccer team, the Police Association League (PAL soccer). I…show more content…
In the beginning of junior year, I was having trouble understanding physics. It was more of a imagining science, rather than a hands on experience. I had trouble understanding that, so I went to tutoring that the school offered. This year, I had some trouble understanding some calculus work, which I asked my teacher to help me with. I also had made friends with some people around me, whom I asked for help whenever I did not understand something in class. I try to come to class as much as possible, and even when I miss the first half of the day, I will come later in the day. I have my wisdom teeth coming in and I had braces before. This means they are pushing on my teeth constantly. They sometimes give me headaches which can prevent me from going to class. Thankfully, I am getting them removed soon. I try to do well in classes and not fall behind, this makes me successful in
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