Personal Statement Of Skateboarding

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Skateboarding was an unseparated activity during my post-childhood. Too many imaginations to become an expert while playing “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” in old PlayStation console have brought my desire to attempt many tricks, the most unforgettable two were kickflip and ollie. I mostly practiced at home garage and public place as long I could play over the smooth pavement made of concrete or tile. There was no skatepark available in my hometown and my friend once told me to go to Jakarta for having a remarkable experience. Today, I have grown up then realise how “Skatepark” plays an important role to accommodate beginner and pro skaters.
I was born and raised in developing country, Indonesia, the situation made me observed less progressive basic infrastructure such as roads, bridges, electricity, and mass transportation availability in many Indonesia’s rural regions or even cities, because I witnessed by myself during the time I lived in my hometown South Tangerang City and the village …show more content…

At the last year of college, I took construction management specialisation and worked as a junior researcher in Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Development University of Indonesia (CSID-UI). As a fresh graduate, I decided to pursue my career in infrastructure by joining Cardno Emerging Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd since 2 October 2017. Working as an assistant engineer in international consultant leads me to broaden my perspective in managing Indonesia’s infrastructure asset, in National Roads Delivery team, we analyse pavement and bridge condition to be stored in a cloud storage namely JunoViewerWeb. Obviously, every day is a learning process throughout my lifetime experiences both on campus and workplace, then instead of feeling satisfied with my bachelor degree, I intend to enhance my knowledge and skill to improve the better sustainable infrastructure for my country’s future by taking a higher level of

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