Personal Statement On Being Supportive Of Colleagues

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I purpose to give freely of myself concerning truthful commitment among fellow colleagues. I will operate only in my area of competency involving ministry. I will respect and protect my own needs for spiritual growth, ethical integrity, and continuing education in order to deepen and strengthen myself and any ministry task. I purpose to seek God first, even when supporting a colleague’s choice or decision that will affect the God’s ministry.
I will purpose to be supportive of colleagues, because it helps foster a spirit of unity and strength in each other weakness. I will purpose to help keep a colleague from being isolated, even when he or she may have a difference of opinion.
I will strictly respect a colleague’s privacy, unless the situation appears to be unhealthy and life threatening.
I will not engage in a misleading behavior or be supportive of same sex marriage in which a colleague may choose to perform the wedding.
I will not give an opinion or comment on matters between other colleagues, if the circumstance or situation did not involve my presence being in attendance.
I will not discredit the character of any colleague public or private, regardless of the difference one may have toward one another.
I will express my thoughts and feeling toward any local issues to my colleague if I fail to share the same interest or opinion on a subject that my cause more damage than good without all the fact of the situation. I will accept no request for my
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