Personal Statement On Business And Public Relations Essay

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Executive Briefing On Business and Public Relations My Major: Public Relations My Related Field: Business The public relations major at Franklin College requires the student to have a minor or related field. I choose to have a related field in business, which means I am required to take 12 credit hours in business courses. I have already taken four business courses and I am currently in my fifth. My first two business courses were Introduction to Business and Principles of Economics. These courses introduced me to business and showed me how to work in a business setting. The next couple classes I took were Principles of Accounting and Principles of Accounting II. In these classes we learned how to analyze a company’s economy and utilize their money to the fullest potential. I am currently taking a course called Introduction to Taxation. In this class we are learning how to complete and fill out taxes. In my accounting classes, not only did we learn how to do an income statement and a balance sheet, but we also completed a case study where we applied it. This process gave me an overall understanding of how the financial side of business works. In my business class we learned how the operation of a business works. We learned market trends and learned about stocks and investing. We also learned how negative public relations can drastically effect the value of the business. In my introduction to taxation class, we are currently doing case studies over how to fill out a
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