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P E R S O N A L S T A T E M E N T I N T R O D U C T I O N Discussing the Great Recession in Europe in 2007 during a business economics' lesson is when I started fully appreciating my interest in Economics and decided I wanted to pursue a future in the economics' world. Being able to analyse the issues and consequences of the crisis had me realizing how much Economics is important in the world and how relevant it is in our lives. Economics is important in our lives as costumers, when we try to make the best of our limited incomes and we try to save money. As workers, when we take our place in the job market and have a salary. As citizens, when our lives are affected by the decisions of our government. The world revolves around Economics.…show more content…
My course revolves mostly around Business Economics and Law and Legislation, which helped me to expand my knowledge in Economics, and languages such as English, German and Russian. Languages have taught me the ability to tailor written work directed at an audience using an appropriate format and to communicate with non-Italian people over different subjects. Mathematics is also important in our school and, through these five years, I develop my analytical and logic skills in better. I feel maths will be of an advantage during my years in university and when I hopefully enter a career within the field of economics. My favourite part of Economics is Microeconomics because I particularly enjoy analysing how different choice can affect a market or the progress of an industry, or how price and demands are defined in a different type of

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