Personal Statement On Classroom Management Plan

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Classroom Management Plan Steve Robinett Introduction/Philosophy: It is my belief that all students have the right to learn and I have the right to teach. I believe that it is my responsibility to provide appropriate and engaging instruction and lessons and the students have the responsibility to work to the best of their ability to achieve. I also believe that if the student requires accommodations and modifications it is my responsibility to develop and provide them as needed. I believe is is my responsibility to work with Special Educators and related service providers to help students achieve learning objectives and goals. I believe my role as a teacher is to lead the classroom. My role is to provide instruction and lessons to teach the students. It is also my role to work as a guide to help them develop deep thinking and critical thinking skills. I should also provide an atmosphere that promotes motivation for learning and that will encourage students to have autonomy and a responsibility to their own educations and learning endeavors. Rationale: In Classroom Management Strategies, James Cangelosi (2008) discusses the six stages of teaching cycles. The six stages are as follows: 1. Determining the needs of the student 2. Determining the learning goals 3. Design learning activities 4. Prepare for the learning activities 5. Conduct the learning activities 6. Determine how well students have achieved the learning goals Cangelosi states, “Not only is each individual
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