Personal Statement On Compound Nouns

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Objective This year my third grade class began a lesson on compound nouns. We began by playing a matching game. Each child picked a card with a word on it. They then had to try to find a partner who had another word that would pair up with theirs to make a new word. The children were very excited, but no one made the connection with compound words. Once they were paired up, each student said their word and their new word. At this point, they started guessing that we ere going to talk about compound nouns. I observed the children’s excitement begin to diminish when they realized they were not just playing but learning too. I heard one of my boys whisper to a friend, “She tricked us again.” “Yeah, she’s always good for that,” was the response. At this point, I asked the children if anyone could guess my favorite compound noun. Since this seemed like another game, the energy level began to rise. With no one guessing the correct answer, I told them my favorite compound noun was ‘grasshopper.’ They began to laugh and wanted to know why. I told them it was because I loved to eat grasshopper pie. There were lots of laughs and kids shouting gross. I asked them if they had ever had grasshopper pie and of course, no one had. Throughout many of my lessons I use a cross curricular approach, so this lesson fit right in. To incorporate math, we made a chart that showed how many students thought they would like grasshopper pie. Most of the boys were talking

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