Personal Statement On Depression And Depression

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I Wadnesha Cherry am expounding on my case in reference to depression claim. Having constant agony implies numerous things change, and a great deal of them is undetectable. Not at all like having disease or being harmed in a mischance, a great many people don 't see even somewhat about ceaseless agony and its belongings, and of those that think they know numerous are really misguided. In the soul of advising the individuals who wish to comprehend that these are the things that I might want, for you to comprehend about me under the watchful eye of you judge me in light of the fact that my handicap has been enabling me to keep solid employment.
My foot swells on a day to day basis regardless of the medications that I have been prescribed by the VA for pain and swelling. The continuously swelling of my foot enables me to be the woman and the mother that I need to be for my children. It is hard doing things with my children because most of the time I am in so much pain. Because of this pain I really feel less than a woman and a mother because I cannot give to my children the way an able bodied person is able to give to their children. My children miss out on a lot because of my disability not being able to interact with them being in so much pain. They also miss out on a lot because I can’t work and be productive.
I can’t stand for long periods of time, and when I do my foot swells which leads to lower back pains, When I wash dishes I have to take a break and then go sit down…
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