Personal Statement On Electronics Engineering

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Writing this paper, or should I say attempting to write this paper and again just to clarify attempting in my situation really just means staring mindlessly at the blue and white blank Word document has really got the gears turning in my head. What is something I am truly passionate about? What really has given me the feeling of purpose? So after countless hours of thinking, and eventually driving around letting the cool midnight breeze hit my face for motivation there it was. It hit me like a brick, literality there I found myself driving right past my high school and I knew exactly what to write about. Electronics, and before you starting getting any ideas I am not in love with my phone. I am talking about Electronics Engineering, for three out of the four years of my high school career I devoted my life to Electronics. Firstly, this made me into a critical thinker. Secondly this class allowed me to push my limits. Finally, most importantly this class showed me everyone has limits which I believe is an extremely important concept that most people do not understand. For three out of the four years during high school I would go to another school for half of the day. At this school I learned about Electronics Engineering. Before this class I was curious about how things function, what makes the clock tick, or how did you receive that text message you just checked. Before this class all these things where just curiosities in my head, it was in this class that turned these
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