Personal Statement On Emotional Intelligence

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Individual Leadership Assessment Paper This paper has 3 purposes. First, to assess my emotional intelligence (EQ) and relate my EQ to my future nursing practice. Second, to compare the differences between leadership styles. Last, to provide a definition of leadership and illustrate how the provided definition of leadership will impact my future role as an advanced practice nurse practitioner (APNP). The tools used to accomplish the goals of this paper are a web based EQ assessment tool and a review of literature related to leadership and EQ.
Assessing Emotional Intelligence
In order to better understand the concept of emotional Intelligence (EQ), I completed a web bases assessment tool that tested EQ in four categories: Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. According to the assessment tool(), I am most competent in the category of social awareness and least competent in the category of relationship management. According to Bradberry and Greaves (2009) social awareness relates to a person’s ability to perceive and understand the emotions of others. In the role of an APNP, I will be responsible for communicating with patients during times of emotional distress. Through the use of social awareness, I will be able to accurately assess when patients and their families are ready to discuss issues such as withdrawing care. In my opinion, the application of social awareness during times of stress is supported by the strategies of active…
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