Personal Statement On Ethics And Ethics

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Introduction: Over the course of my lifetime, I have faced many ethical dilemmas. The way that I handled these situations has defined my current personal beliefs and how rationally I now behave when faced with tough decisions. Within this paper, I aim to provide real life examples and everyday situations where I have been confronted with decisions that determine how ethically sound I am. I will explore my perspective on ethics and how vital a role they play in my decision making process. Overall, I hope to demonstrate how ethics has been a factor throughout my personal, career, and societal experiences.

Personal: Ethics refers to the guidelines based on a moral system that everyone uses to make decisions. While it is
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This would ensure him no consequences and a smooth transition to the starting lineup for the season. He was my best friend and I would do anything for him. However, I knew that it was morally wrong for me to lie to our trainer about his score. Not only would it have made him look bad, it would have taken away from my good reputation and made me appear untrustworthy. I could have lied and no one would have ever found out but I knew that over the long run that feeling of guilt would eventually have settled in. I decided to do what was right during this ethical dilemma and report his score honestly. Unfortunately for my friend, he had to face some consequences for not passing. However, it paid off for him, as our coach did not hold him to physical standards that he was incapable of. I consider myself to be a rational person that does not let my emotions get the best of me. I like to have a realistic perspective and a long-term view on decisions. I believe that having the ability to make the proper choice, even when it does not fit the interests of one of your companions is very important.

The reputation and success of companies thrives on how ethically sound employees, executives and CEOs are. Currently, I work as a Student IT Consultant at the Penn State IT Service Desk. Within the workplace, demonstrating honesty and integrity is strongly

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