Personal Statement On Family And Friends, Knowledge And Success

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Values in Relation to my Action Plan The values I have previously identified include family and friends, knowledge and success, which guide my daily life and decision-making. The goals I have set rely on the support of my family and friends, which allow me to become more self-aware and monitor the progress of the goals I am working towards. Knowledge is incorporated into the goals because I am continually learning how to better myself as a leader and a person. Learning stress management techniques, thinking outside of the box when faced with problems, and being more decisive are all directly linked to my passion for continual learning and development. Through pursuing these goals, I hope to become a better leader. This will give me a…show more content…
ors to volunteer in the Office of Intercultural Affairs programs • Report feedback and event summaries with the supervisor and other management within the department • Actively participate as an interviewer in the hiring process of new peers each semester Director of Events College of Business and Economics Students’ Association (CBESA), University of Guelph Date(s) of practicum component May 2014 – February 2016 Location Guelph, Ontario Organization College of Business and Economics Students’ Association, University of Guelph Type of work Volunteer The person to whom you reported Aravind Gireesan, Former Vice President Internal Their contact details, 647-993-1753 Number of hours you worked at this component ~150 hours Major Leadership Responsibilities • Create timeline of events for the year with the President and Director of Finance • Lead team of Event Managers (4) to plan and execute events throughout the year (determine logistics of supplies, equipment, and venue) • Coordinate invitations to events with appropriate Directors (Director of Corporate Relations, Director of Academics, etc.) • Attend weekly meetings with the CBESA executive team to discuss upcoming duties and ensure transparency • Maintain on-going communication with company representatives (venue, food provision, equipment rental, special guests, etc.) • Book venues and equipment with ample time to ensure changes can be accommodated • Sit on the Student Risk Management
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