Personal Statement On Food And Drinks

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I think even just going through this module I learned so much more about the demographics behind certain purchasing decision. It is amazing how much something could be ingrained in your head when making purchases. You could buy a specific brand of rice and not know why except that your family has always used this rice, but you buy the rice without hesitation. I think this is because we have this conditioning to have preconceived notions about products. Most people do what is comfortable for them and usually rarely deviate from doing something different from the daily routine. That’s why when I look back at my purchases I recognize that nothing is out of the ordinary. I had dinner with my friends as I hadn’t seen them for quite some time. It was almost automatic that we all agreed that dinner was appropriate to reconnect. I ask myself now why we thought that this would be the most constructive use of our time and money when would could have done almost anything else. I believe that for Americans, talking over food and drinks is the best way to reconnect with one another.
One of the biggest cost incurred on my recent purchases was my summer tuition/fees and books coming in at just under $2000. That is $2000 for seven weeks of work. The value of an education is invaluable, but the nominal figures of course can’t be neglected. Why is it that Americans from infant stage all the way to college age and even beyond willing to put so much investment into education? I blame in part…
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