Personal Statement On Health Administration

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WaheebAyub HADM 5033 - Leadership Dr. Decker Personal Mission Statement As a Student in University of Houston Clearlake in Masters in Health Administration and a future Healthcare administration Executive, I will prosper and establish myself as a great example in the Healthcare administration field with the necessity of obtaining knowledge and experience. I will improve the healthcare industry with my skills obtained from this very school and my experiences in the field. When I was very young the medical industry always attracted me. Since I remember, being a doctor was always my dream. Most of my life changing steps depended and were based on this young immature dream. By my junior years of high school I completely based my concentration in pre-med and completed my college pre-requisites, which are very similar to AP credits here in US. I got my High school degree from Cambridge University with a duel program in Saudi Arabia and UK. After a lot of research and due to my siblings already being in Texas, I decided to apply in schools in texas. I started my Pre-med in Houston Community College and transferred to University of Texas at Austin to complete my pre-med majoring in Bachelors of Arts in biology with genetics as a concentration. Then due to financial issues with my parents I had to hold my Medical School dream on the side and start considering a different major. After graduation I started to work for a Pain Relief Clinic in south Houston. My job consisted
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