Personal Statement On Health Assessment Essay

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INTRODUCTION We had 12 modules (each with 3 MCQS) from block –1 (Health assessment). I wil be identifying 10 concepts from them and thoroughly scrutinize how they would apply to my personal life and other contextual settings such as social context, coupled with current related researches on these concept. However, their applications to my current work place (Havana specialist Hospital, Surulere, and Lagos, Nigeria) and their usefulness to the current world will also be discussed. The concepts are as follows: Communication in Health Assessment (Module1), Management planning in Nursing Process (Module 3), leadership and leadership style, Data collection in health assessment , nutritional assessment, vital signs, Depression and its assessment, substance abuse assessment and lastly assessing skin diseases: Skin cancer. 1. Communication in health assessment According to Wikipedia, Health Assessment is a plan of care that identifies the specific needs of a person and how those needs will be addressed by the health care system or skilled nursing facility. It involves physical assessment, nutritional assessment, self care assessment, mental assessment and results. Thus, all these must take place between the patient and the person delivering the health care service. Communication is thus a serious vital tool in this field and thus could be defined as a means by which a nurse establishes a relationship with the patient to help him acquire health behaviours. Actually

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