Personal Statement On Health Consciousness

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ABSTRACT Our health conscientiousness and intellect is part of our inner self that helps makes decisions. However, our health consciousness guides our intellect to take decisions for our wellbeing and the intellect keeps our minds under its own control so it would not be taken for a different route by outside sensory objects. Health consciousness is part of our natural intelligence that always remains inside of us. We may not always access it, but we do have it inside of us. Results show that research suggests that conscientious individuals report higher levels of wellness maintenance (Booth-Kewley & Vickers, 1994; Edmonds, Bogg, & Roberts, 2009). In addition, conscientious people show a greater tendency to adherence to self-care for different illnesses that also includes such diagnosis as kidney disease (Christensen & Smith, 1995). However, when doing research on how conscientiousness trait is negatively related to unhealthy behavior patterns; but it is positively related to all of the beneficial aspects of wellness maintenance. (Boggs & Roberts, 2004). Keywords: adherence, illness, wellness maintenance, conscientiousness, intellect Does our Intellect and Conscientiousness Promote Better Health Maintenance? Introduction Intellect is a natural form of our minds. Intellect is the product that is developed from our minds. Our intellect is what we have gained through an understanding of our mental effects. It is also, what we learned in order
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