Personal Statement On Losing Weight

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There is a goal that I have been trying to achieve since for as long as I have been aware of my body. Sometimes I succeed, most of the time I don’t. I have many goals, they always grow and change along with me while I grow and change, but there is one goal that seems to stay consistent, and I have no doubt that it is one that I will continue to have late into womanhood. I, like many, always want to shed the pounds. Losing weight has been difficult for me, something I assumed would happen observing the women in my family. On the other hand, gaining weight seemed to happen every time I breathed around food. I first want to mention that I have learned to not be so rigid with these goals, and to not expect a lot of change right away. When I was a freshman in high school, I dropped twenty pounds, and fairly easily I might add. I didn’t eat much, I exercised often; I won’t say it was the healthiest diet in the world. I tried to replicate it when I got heavier sophomore year, then again in junior, then senior. Before leaving for college it dawned on me that I cannot expect my body to be able to withstand now, what it could at fourteen. At fourteen I hadn’t even developed breasts, hips, and the general curvy stature that my mother would passed on to me. So with acceptance in mind of the body type I have, I spent the following years up to now eating and exercising in ways that favor my body type. Of course, just saying I want to drop twenty pounds won’t make the weight come off.

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