Personal Statement On My Sales Manager Is Tightening The Screws

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Two weeks passed. Between calling on my regular customers and making cold calls there was little time for being with my own family, let alone hanging out with my father so we could probe the finer points of the sales profession. We stayed in touch by phone, and I updated him on how I was doing, but for now, our training exercises were on hold. As much as I had benefited from his input, I desperately needed to start closing more Caribbean Adventure sales.
My sales manager was tightening the screws. Between random checks on the validity of my call reports and periodically reviewing my presentation and closing techniques, he was a too-close interest in me. He said he was doing it for my own good, trying to help me save my job, although that kind of help I could have done without. It just made me more nervous.
Ironically, though, his close attention happened to coincide with the order from John Melfa and several others that I brought in, which enabled my pig to overtake the next closest marker in the race, a red ’69 Mustang. It wasn’t anything to rave about; a symbolic victory more than anything. The Mustang belonged to a young woman just out of college who’d been selling for the company for less than three months. But at least I had some momentum going now, though my quota still seemed impossible to reach. The downside was that I had to listen to my sales manager claim that he was responsible for helping to improve my performance, which wasn’t true at all. I knew better.

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