Personal Statement On Occupational Therapy

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Growing up, I have been an individual who has pushed myself beyond the minimum requirements in order to succeed. In high school I excelled in both academics and athletics. I graduated in the top 10% of my class and lettered in hockey and tennis my sophomore, junior, and senior year. I worked hard and put in extra time in order to set myself apart from others. Succeeding in both school and athletics made me a responsible, reliable, and an organized individual. These experiences made me a versatile individual and have given me a work ethic that has benefited me with my academics in college and with my work and volunteer experiences.
Occupational therapy is the career that I have always been interested in because it is a career where I would be able to use my creativity when providing therapy to patients, work and connect with a diverse population, and be a leader. From volunteering and shadowing therapists, I have realized that there is no patient that is the same. Occupational therapists meet with many patients each day and each therapy session is customized for that specific individual. I like this because as an occupational therapist, you have to get to know the patient on a personal level and adapt as a professional to a treatment that will benefit each individual patient. This is a part of the profession that I would enjoy I would continue to learn everyday and I would be able to connect with people. I would be able to use my creativity to help individuals get better and
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