Personal Statement On Occupational Therapy

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a) Briefly describe your health professional focus. Would you see it as falling under the domain of public health as defined -- why or why not? (this will likely take 1- 1 ½ pages) Occupational therapy is a profession that address the vital importance of people’s psychological and physical needs as well as emotional well-being. Occupational therapists focus on taking care of their clients through a holistic view by looking at how personal factors influence the disease process. In addition, occupation therapy practitioners are an important part in teaching and educating individuals the ways of being as independent as possible after having medical problems based on their physical, mental, and emotional health needs as well as how to achieve health and wellness to improve their quality of life in all aspects. Occupational therapy practitioners also focus on analytical/assessment skills by identifying and understanding of the patients’ illness and assessing their performance abilities to identify any compensatory strategies to improve their performance in daily life activities. Occupational therapists have the privilege of helping people to restore their health, learn or adapt to new strategies to connect or perform their daily activities that they may or may not been able to do in the past within their environment safely and independently. Occupational therapists have the opportunity to be creative and imaginative in own ways in creating therapeutic intervention treatment
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