Personal Statement On Personal Ethic

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Personal Ethic Throughout my life so far I have been influenced by many people and events which has made me into what I am today. Retrieving information from past events that I have experienced will give insight into what I personally value and how I make decisions whether it is an ethical dilemma or not. I wouldn’t say that all my decisions were based on good moral qualities, but that is what being human is all about. Learning from past experiences whether they are good or not will make me a better person. Through my life up to this point has been a learning experience especially since I am still in my twenties. There is a long road ahead of me, as long as I stick to what is right and keep my mind open, I will do alright. Values Through my childhood I have been surrounded by good role models. Of course my parents will always be my greatest role models, but through my schoolmates and teachers I have taken some qualities they have shown and put them into my own life. For example when I was ever around my friends I would try to emulate how they act towards others especially if the situation was new to me. Using this method would get me by, however now that I look back at it there were probably better ways. Growing up there was always an emphasis on getting your work done and doing well in school. Usually the incentive was if those two things were done then I would be able to play with friends, video games, etc. When I did not do this then things would get taken away until I
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