Personal Statement On Personal Finance

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Knowledge about personal finance is not always common knowledge and although money touches most modern homes, most parents don’t teach their kids about money either. It can be hard to find time in a busy schedule to figure out when and how to adjust your time to set up a proper budget so instead you just decide to live pay check to paycheck because it got your parents by and now it gets you by and that has just always worked. One day you have to grow up and realize that those consequences of being financially stupid will come back to haunt you. Introduction The biggest issue that individuals have with their personal income is the lack of understanding where and how to control their spending habits and sometimes when to pay bills. This causes a great deal of anxiety, stress, depression, unkempt hygiene and possibly even losing the very job that is keeping their income flowing in to start with. With couples, the number one cause of relationship issues that are brought in front of a therapist and the number one cause of divorce just so happens to be financially related. The hardest yet most important thing to do when it comes to your finances, it to stop getting overwhelmed and take control back of your money and your life. Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to taking control of their finances. When I think of the short term aspect of personal finances, I think of the here the now and the coming few months, maybe even up to a year. If you are
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